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EMERGENCY! A computer malfunction at the Bedlam Zoo has short-circuited the gates for all the enclosures and the animals are escaping and making their way to the zoo exit. It’s now up to you and your scrappy band of resourceful zookeepers to round up all the animals and lock their enclosures before it’s too late.

Zoo Break is a crisis-management game requiring dynamic and cooperative problem-solving. Players spend their turns deciding how to use limited actions to move about the zoo, collect and trade supplies, capture animals, and lock cages, all while evading injury and coping with other challenges caused by the animals marauding throughout the zoo. Escape and Move cards control the animals, leading to endless variation and sudden changes of fortune to keep players on their toes.

Success hinges on the keepers’ ability to anticipate, adapt, and make strategic decisions, applying their skills and resources to regain control of the zoo. It’s complex and suspenseful enough to keep adults riveted, but also playful and inviting to ambitious, game-loving kids. (Difficulty is regulated using a simple card selection mechanism at the start of the game.)

Zoo Break
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In the Box

  • Quad-fold board (570mm x 570mm)

  • Rulebook

  • 30 wooden animal tokens

  • 14 snake tokens

  • 4 snack tokens

  • 5 zookeeper meeples

  • 5 keeper mats

  • 1 action die

  • 26 Escape cards

  • 38 Move cards

  • 5 blank Move cards (for creating your own animal behaviors and events)

  • 24 Supply cards

  • 4 reference cards


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