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If an unflipped snake escapes the zoo, do we automatically flip it over to see what it was, or do we just treat it as one harmless animal that escaped the zoo?

Yes, if an unflipped snake passes through the zoo gate, you should immediately flip it over to determine what it was. If it was a poisonous snake, you lose! If it was a harmless snake or group of snakes, add the number of snakes to the total harmless animals that have escaped. If that total is five or more… ack, you lose! If it was a PHEW!, the token remains outside the zoo and play continues normally.

Can you tranquilize a tiger across a sedated tiger (lying on its side) or a snake – i.e. does it constitute a 'clear line of sight'?

Yes, you can tranquilize a tiger without regard to any other animals between you and the tiger. All zookeepers have impeccable aim.

What happens to the PHEW! tokens revealed after the Snake Flip! card is drawn?

Any time a PHEW! snake token is flipped – either by a keeper or as a result of the Snake Flip! card – the token is returned to the snake enclosure. The idea is that before a token is flipped, the keepers have an inkling there may be a snake lurking there, but sometimes it's a false alarm.

Does taking a card from the supply stockpile expend an action?

Yes, taking a supply always expends an action, whether you are taking it from the stockpile or drawing from the supply pile.

What happens when a panda has hugged a keeper and another Lonely Panda! card is drawn? Does the first Panda – which is still closest to the zoo exit – now go and hug another keeper who has the lowest dice roll?

Ooh, good question for this rare case! If the first panda is still hugging a keeper when the second card is drawn, it's considered a new instance. So, if there's another loose panda (because the first panda stays in its hug) and one or more keepers available to be hugged, then those keepers roll again to see who gets hugged.